A Quick Gravel Calculator

A gravel calculator takes the data you provide about your landscaping project and gives you a good estimate of how much gravel will be required to do the job. There are several calculators available online that can easily be used by simply plugging in the necessary information. So, grab a measuring tape and take a few simple measurements to get the data you need.

How To Measure The Project

First, measure the area for your project’s width. Most online forms call for feet. Write down the measurements as you go. Next, you need the length. If you can’t be exact, overshoot it a little to make sure the gravel calculator returns an amount that will surely cover your area. If the area is circular, you will have to find the diameter of the circle. Then measure from the center of the circle to the outside edge of the circle anywhere within it. Multiply this number by two to arrive at the diameter. Last, you need the depth. This is how deep the gravel is to be for your project. Use a tape measure to approximate the depth desired and record the measurement. Now, you are ready to input your data into the gravel calculator and find out how much gravel you will need.

Time To Calculate Your Gravel Needs

Access a calculator on the Internet and input the values you have collected into the boxes. When finished, initiate the calculation. The gravel calculator will crunch the numbers for you and return the amount of gravel required. Use this to your advantage if you want to get an idea of how different options might turn out financially.


With these calculators, you can experiment with different sizes for your project and see what the final cost might be. Simply expand or contract the numbers as needed and plug them back in. The calculator will easily provide results over and over again, allowing you to get a fix on just how big or small your landscaping project needs to be. This allows the consumer to come to the table with a good idea of what materials will be required. Also, it prevents surprises when it comes time to pay the bill.