20mm Gravel

Gravel is rock fragments, and 20mm gravel would roughly correspond to a little over 3/4 inches. This is often the size of pea gravel, tiny, round, smooth stones that are used to pave patios, driveways, gardens, playgrounds and walkways. Small gravel can also be used as mulch, which can keep plant beds from drying out and keep down weeds.

Since it can be made from all kinds of stone, gravel can come in all kinds of colors, from gray to a mix of white, yellow and pink, to blue. Gravel can come in sizes from granule, which is 2mm to 4mm, to boulder sized, which ranges from about 64mm to 256mm. Gravel is also an ingredient in concrete.

20mm gravel can be processed by humans or found naturally. Since the homeowner in this case wants stones that are more or less 20mm, it might be easier to process stones and filter out the right size than to harvest them from nature.

Often homeowners call in landscaping experts to pave an area on their property with 20 mm gravel, but small areas can be done by the homeowner with a bit of help. Since gravel’s loose, it can be tracked into places where it’s not wanted, and quite uncomfortable to walk on with bare feet. To guard against this, the area where the gravel is laid down will have to be edged with materials like wood, rubber or concrete.

Calculating Gravel
A homeowner can calculate how much gravel they’ll need for the area they’d like to cover. One calculation is for a square area and the other is for a circular area. The square area is calculated by the width times the length, while the circular area is calculated according to the diameter. Both are multiplied by the depth the homeowner would like the gravel to achieve and then the cubic yardage is determined.

Gravel is less expensive as a paving than concrete or asphalt, but needs considerable maintenance. Potholes, dips and other uneven places will inevitably form and will have to be fixed. However, fixing these small areas is fairly easy.

Paths and Walkways
20mm gravel is excellent for walkways and paths, especially since it can be purchased in many different colors to go with the overall ambiance of the property.

A patio paved with gravel can be esthetically pleasing, but it can be hard to move furniture around gravel if the patio is used often for dining and other recreation.

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