Gravel Cost

Gravel has many uses on residential and commercial properties. There are myriad uses for gravel at someone’s home, including in the garden, on a patio or walkway, or in the driveway. This attractive stone is used to decorate outdoor surfaces throughout a residential property. At the school, gravel is popular for the construction of playgrounds. Commercially, gravel is recognized as a useful and cost-effective alternative to concrete.

Gravel may be bought from a variety of dealers, including some that specialize in gravel, and some that sell various different types of stone. Bags of gravel are available from home improvement stores, where assorted kinds of gravel are sold in one-half cubic foot bags for as little as $2.50 per bag. This is a low gravel cost and a convenient source. Probably no one would go to such a store to buy gravel to fill a garden or build a driveway, but for a small project, this is an acceptable way to buy.

For a larger use, however, probably one will resort to a rock yard or masonry supplier that can supply bulk quantities at a reasonable price. Delivery may be available, either free or for a small fee. The standard quantity purchase of gravel is generally in minimum 20 ton amounts. One must calculate, or at least closely estimate, tonnage needed, based on area to be covered. Tonnage will depend in part on the density of the substance used, and gravel generally has a density of approximately 300 pounds per cubic yard. Calculators are available online that will convert square feet to cubic yards, and from there a user can estimate tonnage needed. For most types of gravel, one ton will be equal to approximately three quarters of a cubic yard. Thus, one ton of gravel will cover roughly 15 cubic yards.

Therefore, gravel cost is a function of size of area to be covered, in square feet or square yards, plus depth of the area. A dealer will be able to help a user calculate or estimate quantity needed. Once the exact quantity or estimate is derived, cost can be calculated. The cost per ton of gravel will likely be in the $20 to $30 range. For 20 tons, the total cost will be $400 to $600. Gravel cost, however, is truly an inexact number. Users don’t really expect it to be exact, and are willing to pay a little more just to ensure that the needed quantity is available, even if there is some waste. Fortunately, again, gravel has many uses and left over gravel will probably simply be deposited into the garden or along the driveway.

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